Share and track bills and expenses with friends, roommates and family. It is easy to track who needs to pay, who gets paid and how much. Supported in multiple languages. Sign up for Free!
SpendGroup is simple
As simple as counting 1, 2, 3,...
Create an expense group
Invite your friends
Add expenses
Let SpendGroup automatically calculate who needs to pay and how much
Track balances
Let SpendGroup do the hardwork and track who needs to pay and who gets paid
Group Expenses Summary view
Create your group Now!
Add expenses
Split expenses equally with group members or by a specific amount, percentage or as a fraction
Add expense
Add payments
Add payment, right from the summary view, all details filled in for you. Just enter how you paid them
Add payment
Choose your language! Create your group Now!
Do More
We'll keep it simple for you
  • Create group and invite friends
  • Want to start a new expense group with the same set of friends? Just duplicate an existing group without transactions
  • Split expenses and track balances
  • Split expenses equally among group members or by specific amounts
  • Split expenses by percentage or fraction
Do More...
We'll keep it simple for you
  • Add payments
  • Instantly view group's expense total - who paid for it and how much everyone owes
  • Simplified payables keeps the number of payments to the minimum
  • Supported in seven languages and more on the way
  • Sign in with your email or mobile phone

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